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This map shows the number of pentads in the degree squares that have data. Click on the Degree square to zoom into the region.
 1 pentad
 2 - 3 pentads
 4 - 10 pentads
 11 - 36 pentads
 37 - 72 pentads
 73 - 99 pentads
 100 - 121 pentads
 122 - 135 pentads
 136 - 144 pentads

What is the Gap Analysis?

The Gap Analysis allows us to get a broad idea of which parts of the region have been covered to some extent. The initial view offered shows the coverage level on a 1 degree block. If the user clicks on one of these 1 degree blocks, the page will refresh to show that area in pentad scale.

The user can then click on the pentad of interest to access the submissions summary for the selected pentad, as well as an annual summary of the Quarter Degree Grid Cell in which the pentad falls (below the map). If the user selects an empty pentad, the summary of the Quarter Degree Grid Cell is loaded below the map.

Quarter Degree grid cell (QDGC):
A 15 minute x 15 minute coordinate grid super-imposed over the continent to for spatial reference. One QDGC comprises of 9 pentads.

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