Coverage map - Google

Pentad quick find:
This map shows the number of cards (full protocol) submitted for each pentad
 1 card
 2 - 3 cards
 4 - 6 cards
 7 - 10 cards
 11 - 15 cards
 16 - 24 cards
 25 - 49 cards
 50 - 99 cards
 100+ cards

What is the Coverage map?

The Coverage map allows us to see the actual on the ground coverage of the project on a pentad scale. If the user clicks on one of the pentads, a small 'bubble' will open with the link to the pentads summary page, which will open in a separate browser tab.

Annual coverage for he project since its inception is accessed by selecting the year of interest along the top of the map.

A 5 minute x 5 minute coordinate grid super-imposed over the continent to for spatial reference. One QDGC comprises of 9 pentads.